Protection and Commercialization of Intellectual Property

It is essential for a company to safeguard its intellectual property as closely as it protects its physical property. If you would never leave the door to your building unlocked, then don’t leave your company’s ideas, patents, or trade secrets up for grabs either. Doing so could result in a loss of your company’s business, reputation, or even destroy its competitive advantage in the marketplace altogether.

At Backslash Global, we take your company’s intellectual property seriously. We don’t ever want you to have to explain to your shareholders, board of directors, or customers why you didn’t take steps to protect the company’s information from cybercrime. It’s crucial to recognize this ever-evolving threat in today’s technological environment.

Intellectual property might be accessible through a variety of gateways such as through your company’s network, computers or mobile devices. For example, every time one of your employees relays an idea for a new or improved product, process, service, or updated source code via email,, you’ve got intellectual property to protect. We’ll evaluate all the potential threats and construct a plan to keep your company’s information secure. Imagine where your company would be without its intellectual property—and decide today to keep it safe.